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of their forefathers, the land that god gave to the jews and that narrative is something that obama missed completely in his cairo speech and so on this trip you will notice that he's going to go to lay a wreath not just on the grave of yitzhak rabin, the great warrior of peace, but also on the grave of theodor herzl, the founder of the zionist movement. he is going to identify with the founder of the zionist movement. i have to tell you frankly that i organized four presidential visits by bill clinton to israel. we never thought it was important for him to put a wreath on the grave of theodor herzl, but this is what obama's going to do and it's part of that effort which you'll hear in the speech, i think to connect his understanding of israel's right to exist as a jewish homeland to its ancient roots in biblical israel. secondly i would expect that he will identify with israel's struggle for survival and its sense of insecurity in a region of turmoil around it and make it clear that he has their back, that he will be in the trench
quickly -- i do think there's something to the fact that both president obama and prime minister netanyahu got themselves reelected. in the world of political leaders, there is a special place for leaders to manage to get reelection. it is no small achievement. i think the level of mutual respect, be grudging perhaps, but the level of mutual respect goes up. it only operates in that rarified world of people who know what is involved in the entire process of figuring out and working and getting one salt reelected. they will be with each other for a period of time they will not try to undermine each other. this is really government is perhaps less solid and previous israeli governments. i do think there is something that contributes to the solidity of the relationship when the two leaders look at each other as reelected by their own politics. ironically, both men come to the summit with a much heavier emphasis on the need to address the internal politics in their own countries. for the president, he is coming back to deal with the end of government. that is supposed to happen in a few days.
will deepen this trend, and a thing -- i think it is something he has done in argentina and you will see across the board now. so, yes. >> thanks very much. barack obama is set to arrive in israel on wednesday. it will be his first official visit as u.s. president. israel and the u.s. are, of course, close allies, but obama did not travel to the country during his first term. >> that decision was widely considered a snub of israel, and many israelis view the u.s. leader with a bit of skepticism. winning over public opinion is a top priority on this trip along with the stalled middle east peace process and iran's nuclear peace program. >> the white house is on a charm offensive. last week, barack obama spoke on israeli television, addressing directly some of israel's concerns. > i have been crystal clear about my position on iran possessing a nuclear weapon -- that is a red line for us. it is something that would not only be dangerous for israel but would be dangerous for the world, dangerous for u.s. national security interests. >> in washington, it is no secret that obama does not have
, spending, less than obama had hoped but in washington that is called a cut. if you want 10 of something and you only got eight of something, you walked away with eight but so that was the $2.5 trillion spending reduction over the next decade. it hasn't happened yet. we have several problems. the trillion dollars that obama obama -- obamacare tax increases in this decade have begun to hit now. oddly enough the democrats in the house and senate decided to put the tax increases, both of them after the 2012 election so everybody voted and now the tax increase has hit. this is not helpful for the economy and they think it's going to be unpleasant. >> host: up next from watertown south dakota on the democratic line. good morning, ron. >> caller: good morning and thanks for taking my call. i listened to you for a long time and i find very little that i don't disagree with. however, i know a little bit about the tax code and there are many things in the tax code especially business exemptions, that are very vague and there is a lot of companies and a lot of businesses that don't pay any taxes.
up, the surprising agreement between john boehner and president obama. they finally agree on something and it is no small thing. it is a really huge thing. the debt. in the "rewrite," i am going to show you jokes that sarah palin told at cpac, not because they're so funny, but to make a point about the failure of our political media. watch this -- alakazam! ♪ [ male announcer ] staples has always made getting office supplies easy. ♪ another laptop? don't ask. disappear! abracadabra! alakazam! [ male announcer ] and now we're making it easier to get everything for your business. and for my greatest trick! enough! [ male announcer ] because whatever you need, we'll have it or find it, and get it to you fast. staples. that was easy. [ female announcer ] stress sweat is different than ordinary sweat. it smells worse. get 4x the protection against stress sweat. introducing new secret clinical strength stress response scent. but widvair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most co
agreement between john boehner and president obama. they finally agree on something and it is no small thing. it is a really huge thing. the debt. in the "rewrite," i am going to show you jokes that sarah palin told at cpac, not because they're so funny, but to make a point about the failure of our political media. even the inside of your dishwasher sparkles. okay. so i'm the bad guy for being clean. you said it. ladies, let's not fight dirty. cascade kitchen counselor. see, over time, a competing gel can leave hard-water film on your dishes. new cascade platinum's triple-action formula not only cleans your dishes, it helps keep your dishwasher sparkling. so we're good? don't do that. okay. [ female announcer ] cascade's best is new cascade platinum. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues... with three strains of good bacteria. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. i'm your hot water heater. you hardly know i exist. that's too bad. 'cuz if my pressure relief valve gets stuck... [ booooooom! ]
, something president obama has described as a red line. let's get to chief white house correspondent jessica yellen. she's in jerusalem awaiting president obama as he heads in her direction for his trip to the middle east. we just heard, jessica, from senator dieann feinstein, the chair of the intelligence committee, she said president obama has a decision to make. are you getting any sense of where he's going to go on this? >> hi, brianna. this is not something the white house is yet commenting on, except that white house chief of staff, dennis mcdunn, speaking to jake tapper, if, and i underscore if, these reports are substantiated, it is his word. the president said the use of chemical weapons by the assad regime would be his red line. of course, we would have to see what kind of action the president would then take. and the white house, again, watching this very closely. we don't have comment from them at this point beyond what white house chief of staff dennis mcdone now said to jake tapper. he said if substantiated, it would be a game changer, not backing down from that language that t
candidates coming up against barack obama who happens to be a terrific vote-getter and without barack obama, the field is much more level than it looks right now. lou: there is something treacherous about having the principal element of your strategy the absence of it. they will examine it in greater detail, and try to figure out by tom perez, and absolutely radical left winger will be the labor secretary. it appears. girl vo: i'm pretty conservative. very logical thinker. (laughs) i'm telling you right now, the girl back at home wod absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. (screams) i'm reallylad that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for. one traveler at a time. expedia. find yours. got you ! you cannot escape the rebel forces ! ahhh. got you ! got ya ! gotcha ! got ya. that's all you got, brother ? take that. never having to surrender the things that matter. gotcha. that's powerful. verizon. lou: tom perez, controversial, radical. to republicans. does he get confirmed? let's cut to the quick. >> not probably so. >> wh
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, will be on the table when president obama sits down with prime minister netanyahu. >> i believe for something like five hours or talks. nbc's kristen walker. thank you, kristen. >>> joining us, mark ginsburg. and dana milbank, political columnist for the "washington post." ambassador, if i can start with you, senators lindsey graham and john mccain say if the chemical weapons reports prove true, the president's red line has been crossed. and graham tell s "foreign policy's" josh rogen, we need to come up with a plan to secure these weapon sites either in conjunction with our partners or, if nothing else, by ourselves. what's your reaction to today's developments? >> well, if these reports are corroborated, martin, clearly the situation in syria, which you know you and i have talked about for at least two years, it indicates that, and as we all know, these weapons are not under lock and key. i had revealed in a piece that, indeed, they had been put under control of the besiege and elements of the iranians, revolutionary guards for safekeeping. given the fact hezbollah and any number of terrorist organiz
in terms of believing obama's going to come with some policy initiatives or ultimatum, something of any sort. and jay carney said on the record he wasn't going to come with that. they all believe him, actually. and i think the question is more of how does two new governments work together. dennis pointed out you have secretary kerry who wants to prioritize this among maybe half a dozen issues, and you have a new israeli government that cannot help but deal with this issue. i don't think this president wants on his watch the next four years that the two-state solution expires. and i think that's a strong statement, but i think that's really true when you think of of the pace of settlement activity. that's not a big concern. so even if you can't do a grand deal, if you can insure that you preserve the option for a two-state solution, i think that's very important. so even though i don't think there's any drama, immediate drama or any confrontation between these two leaders now, i think it would be a mistake because everyone in washington has forgotten a about the palestinian issue, and ma
would not be signed by president obama, would not pass the senate, burt it will pass the house. >> shepard: mike, thank you. meantime, something about our economy does not add up. we all know that. the latest government numbers show consumers spending grew at a strong pace. that's great because consumer spending counts for 70% of the total economic activity. here's the weird part. we're not seeing the expected comparable rise in our paychecks. we're spending more but no making more, and we're not spending more on credit cards. in fact the expert said the payroll tax hike would slow spending. it did not. so what is this? and rick suggests that more americans are taking advantage of the underground economy, earning and spending cash off the books to avoid taxes or other regulations. rich is with us know. the chief been the correspondent for u.s. news and world report. at it the worst kept secret in the nation there is an enormous underground economy where people get paid cash and don't get benefits. it's a cash world. >> some of that is a constant. we know about landscape workers
here. i know you voted for president obama but since been quoted saying you like your vote back or something like that. why is that? >> because politicians mean well. this across the well. politicians mean well but, business people in my estimation should be running countries, and perhaps business women. there would be less wars but certainly they pay more attention to making sure that, you know, you take in more money than you put out. it is a simple business model. we are 17 trillion almost in debt. melissa: right. >> there is no excuse for that. there should be an amendment passed. it should be, it should be against the law to be in debt, period. melissa: yeah. gene, you are a ledge -- legendary investor, i'm not sure people know that. when you rang the bell at the new york city the dow was 1700. you side, buy, buy, buy. you said the market would two up from there. we're sitting at 14,000. what is your prediction of the dow? >> it will go up. the marketplace is not undervalued. listen to an idiot like me. if i understand and believe in america, the political pundits out there
the raid on bin laden's compound that makes president obama look good but not when something goes bad. >>brian: nearly 40 million people facing three major snowstorms around this country. maria molina is outsidetracking the storms with her government-issued outer wear. >> i wish it was. good morning. good to see you. good morning everyone. it's a little breezy here in new york city. definitely on the chilly side as well. we had a storm system that produced a lot of snow across places in the northeast and actually severe weather. we had a confirmed tornado in humphreys county in tennessee, maximum sustained wind at about 10 miles an hour. incredible -- at about 105 miles an hour. in millford, connecticut, snow accumulated during the overnight hours and slick roads and snow in altoona, pennsylvania, a lot of snowfall, accumulation of several inches. today we could be seeing up to a foot of snow across maine, parts of new hampshire, upstate new york. a lot of snow to talk about today. the wind is going to be another concern. coastal areas should be seeing rain mixing in so that should li
wolffe, thanks for your time tonight. >>> ahead, something happened today that nobody could have predicted a year ago. how is rand paul helping the obama agenda? >>> and big news on the gun safety fight today. a major development that we really need to talk about. >>> plus, a civil war of epic proportions is unfolding inside the republican party. and rush limbaugh is on fire. >>> one more thing before we go to break today. on the tenth anniversary of the iraq war, i think it's important we look back on the history that was chronicled in a war zone. something that has always struck me are the photos taken by samantha appleton. she covered the first three years of the war for "the new yorker" magazine and "time" magazine. and in my mind, very few have captured what came out of her camera. and her work. no one better than samantha. her images are some of the most memorable and searing snapshots. we've got more on why it's a day to remember, especially our brave men and women who fought for us. [ phoebe ] stress sweat. it's different than ordinary sweat. it smells worse, and it can h
something like that. let me prove the point. show a picture of this guy when he's not playing the rel of satan? there. that doesn't look anything like obama. >> greg: so he did make him look like obama? bob is right! >> bob: exactly right. >> dana: i don't think the picture helps the case. >> eric: that picture? >> bob: no. >> greg: you convinced me. >> andrea: that looks like juan valdez. i want to know mini series, i don't think it looks like president obama at all, at all. i want to know what mark brunett has against def leopard. that's from the "rock of ages" video. that looks like just like -- that is not the best clip. anyway. >> bob: i'm telling you, your point makes my point. that dude, they had to make him look like obama. >> eric: stop it. >> dana: bob, what did you say when the other movie used the george w. bush mask as like one of the murder killers -- >> greg: his head in "game of thrones." >> dana: right. is that hollywood against george w. bush? >> greg: they admitted to doing that. >> andrea: we did it as a topic on the show. >> bob: we did? you know there are many to
. the moment of opportunity and optimism that i want to start with. the reason the president obama made that statement is because we have a combination that together is something that could turn the tide on epidemics. we also have a national strategy that the white house about a couple of years ago and provides a roadmap. more than a million people are living with hiv in the united states. for the last decade, they have been at the same level and perhaps more alarmingly, you and infections are rising by those who represent 66% of their infections in the united states. the impact is quite alarming. they have a heavy reliance on medicaid. most are not on treatment. yet, as i was alluding to, there is new data that shows we can actually get to what many of us are calling treatment that is scaled up. it has made a huge difference in helping people live much longer and healthier and has been shown to reduce the risk of transmission by as much as 96% and that is very significant. treatment has clinical benefits in a public health benefit. but where are we in providing treatment in the united
rid of obama care and go with the same thing we lost the election on. it's amazing from at least i think so. i don't know how some of the other panelists feel. it's something really unique and different in american politics. >> harold ford, jonathan shade writes that this, he actually makes the argument that this is a good idea for the gop, given where the party is at and how resistant they are to fundamental change. i want to read an excerpt. the report determinedly avoids confronting the party's most fundamental problem -- it's attachment to an economic agenda that most voters correctly identify as serving the needs of a wealthy minority. if you cared a lot about preserving that policy focus, you'd urge the party to chuck overboard a couple of issues ancillary to your economic agenda, opposition to immigration and gay rights, which republican elites never really cared about to begin with and take your chances. that's exactly what the report advocates. ha do you make of that? >> i agree with him. the last time, i'm 42 years old. the person who -- >> don't brag. >> who led this --
because the escalating situation, they have to do something. >> nick paton walsh in beirut. thank you. the situation here in syria is sure to come up tomorrow. president obama makes his first trep to israel since moving into the white house. the president will be just over 300 miles from where these chemical weapons might have been used in syria when he arrives in tel aviv. you can see the proximity here. no main announcements are planned during this visit. mideast leaders obama will immediate with include netanyahu, mahmoud abbas and king abdullah of jordan. >>> so you thought the election season was over. huh-uh. it is primary day in south carolina, folks. i'm talking low country. you see it right there. this state's first congressional district anchored by charleston and what a cast of characters this little race for congress. you have a man known as the former governor of the appalachiap ppa lash shap trail. the son of a certain media mogul, and you've also got the sister of a very famous funny man. and don't to get this, we're talking about south carolina. home of kamikaze style
of like in the united states, if he can't get something through congress he goes directly to the people? >> i think that'll be part of it. the situation in israel sort of represents one of the fundamental miscalculations of the obama presidency, which was that when he came into office he thought, and a lot of his advisers thought, they'd be able to make a dent there by sheer force of will and personality and by being kind of this unifying figure. and, of course, diplomacy is more complicated than that. and the peace process there has been stalled for years. so i think that the reason they're lowering expectations is because they don't expect that much to happen on this trip. i think he is going there more as a box checking exercise than hoping to make any kind of serious strides in diplomacy. >> i think he's also trying to make up a little bit for the speech in egypt in 2009, caused a little controversy. let me play a little clip. >> so let there be no doubt. the situation for the palestinian people is intolerable. america will not turn our backs on the legitimate palestinian aspiration
of the scriptures from genesis to revelation. this weekend, right wing radio host glenn beck tweeted something about the show. quoting beck, quote, anyone else think the devil in "the bible" sunday on history channel looks exactly like that guy? that guy is what glenn beck calls president obama, mainly because he doesn't respect him enough to use his title. according to beck, the actor who plays the devil in the series looks like the president. beck has his followers which is why his tweet took off. since the broadcast, more than 20,000 tweets containing the words obama and satan have been posted. the producers of the show called any resemblance utter nonsense. today, beck took to twitter again and not to clarify. he said this. media, relax. actor has been in similar roles before. funny, nothing more. for different reasons, the bible is one of my fave shows. keep watching. actor has been in similar roles before. in the world of glenn beck, that means he's definitely a ringer for the president because this isn't the first time he's made that comparison. >> let me play devil's advocate and may mean th
'm wrong, earlier in this conflict, the administration here basically said that that was something of a red line. you know that they were this discouraging any use of chemical weapons but that that would change this game so to speak? >> yeah, well, red lines come and go for the obama administration. we'll see. i think obviously we need hard facts here as to exactly what's going on. i think it's difficult to effect the use of chemical weapons inside syria directly because you're talking about very close circumstances, regimes, civilians, opposition, hard to get in the middle of that, but it is certainly should underline to us the risks that these weapons could come loose, fall into the hands of terrorists or regime officials who would sell them to terrorists and get out of the country. >> we know how hard it has been to get good reports out of syria. it is obviously such a danger zone at this point . what do you think the likelihood and how soon will with we get a good handle what really happened here and perhaps the evidence of these chemical weapons being used? >> well i'm sure tracking th
this exercise for quite some time, and obviously something went wrong, tragically, seven died. but they say political posturing on the backs of dead marines. see, i think, apart from this ridiculous, horrible thing that reid said, i think tim obama has misplayed their hand. they have just misplayed their hand and it's back firing. and this one is going to resound -- you know this is going to be a several-day story. >> the marines are right, judd is right. no discussion there. i take your point, creating the idea that the world falls apart on march 1, they overplayed their hand. that said, i think we have to be very vigilant, not in the sense that harry reid was talking about, in making sure that we follow the impact of the sequester. as i said earlier, i firmly believe that this is going to hurt the economy, an economy that is struggling to really get a foothold and showing signs of life. absolutely the worst time to set one of these fiscal time bombs. >> i would like to react to that. and maybe i will. i just want to read this from the marines. saying this exercise, for example, was planne
. president obama and vice president biden will be out of the country at the same time. this is a security risk we don't usually see. god forbid something would happen to both men, the next in line to take over the white house house speaker john boehner. and the annual easter egg roll may crack under the pressure of lack of funds. see what i did there. >> hal: uh-huh. >> the 135th annual celebration may be canceled according to cnn, the white house is proceeding as planned, but ticket holders have been warned. we're back after the break. ♪ >> if you believe in state's rights but still support the drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think that there is any chance we'll see this president even say the words "carbon tax"? >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned "great leadership" so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter). >> watch the show. >> only on current tv. dude, i need your help fast. well, cleara
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)

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